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In the present times, everyone is a seeker of spiritual health, but they are not able to get such a substance which can solve those factors and reasons. The main pillars of Sanatan culture are our scriptures, mantras, meditation, rituals and rituals. Each has its own importance and all complement each other. Vinita Puja Mart, which is dedicating its service to Sanatan Dharma, our main goal is to provide all the materials for worship to our Sanatani family with reasonable price, high quality and complete purity and holiness, that too market price from affordable prices.

It has created a platform where all your routine puja items, special worship items (Samagri), yagna rituals, anushthan, astrology, horoscope etc. are available under one roof. Apart from this, Puja items, Havan material, brass and copper idols and utensils, Vastu material, Rudraksh and other garlands (Vaijanti, Kamalgatta, Tulsi, Munga, Sphatik, Lab tested gems and Rudraksh etc.) are all available. Our services are available offline and online in both form. Currently we are located in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand state. With God's grace will soon be available in your city and kasba also. Now you can avail our online services. It’s says that If we take one step in the service of the path of Ishwar, then Parmatama already paves the way for our hundred steps. For the last one and a half years, we are giving our service in detail. All Sanatani families are provided with facilities as well as employment. New possibilities have also been created. Many youths are giving their services directly and indirectly many families are connected with us, which is promoting the cottage industry.

Before going to know about our website, we would like to inform each and everyone that our company is engaged in the business of puja or worship related products through direct selling and retail outlets and other business activities. Along with this, we sell our products directly to the consumers on the basis of maximum selling price (MRP) through various promotions like with conversation, social media and print media. We are not involved or engaged in any kind of investment scheme like chit fund and financial investment. GST bill is also provided on purchase of products. Would like to inform you that the company retains a share of every purchase made by the company itself and will be around 20% of the MRP (This is an estimate, subject to change depending on the availability, quality and profitability of the products.) The amount is divided between the customer and their associated friends on a percentage basis. The process has been made completely transparent, and each and every person who is associated with our company can view their purchases and profit from the purchased products by entering their ID number and password on our website.

It is known that there is no registration or renewal fee for this! Our company shall not be liable for any promises made by any person / independent consultant / organization / direct seller / franchisee for distribution on its behalf except those mentioned in the official brochure or on the website www.vinitapujamart.com will not be responsible. If any kind of doubt arises in the mind of any person regarding the company or product or website, then he should solve his doubt by talking directly on the company's phone number or mobile during working hours, there should be no reason to mislead by the other source.

We also declare that no assurance, promise, product has been given by the Company or its franchise seller in the past in the form of any income on account of the purchase made by the customer. However as per the terms and conditions of the company act the franchisee shall be eligible for sales incentive on the right of volume of business done by the vendor. No income of any kind shall be received by the Franchisee or any individual customer prior to the sale of the Company's products or prior to the purchase of the products by the customers. The information contained in this website is for general information only. Along with this, our effort is to make available all the information in a systematic and modern manner. We have designed our website with utmost accuracy, reliability, availability and quality of our products/services and related graphics (all representations and images of the products have not been obtained from any website or other source, the images of the products have been originally taken from) The information given on the website has not been obtained from any other source, express or implied, nor do we give consent to any other person, organization or company to present or publicly present it in any way by making any changes in it. On the above information mentioned is at own/personal risk, The company is not responsible directly / indirectly for any loss / profit and damages of any kind arising out of the use of this website.

If you or anyone links to our website www.vinitapujamart.com from other websites or sources, it will not be under the control of our company. We also have no control over the content, nature and availability of those sites. Every effort is made to ensure the smooth operation of the www.vinitapujamart.com website, however, www.vinitapujamart.com accepts no responsibility for the website being unavailable for technical reasons or reasons beyond its control. We will not be responsible for this.

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